Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogging tym!

I just want to share what I did instead of online and wasting my time with the damn social network, Facebook. Officially last night, I announced that I won't be on FB for about 3 weeks because I want to study for my final exam. I'm worried about it too much because I didn't touch anything yet about Biology, Chemistry especially the organic chemistry and Maths. I don't know where to start actually. And I'm scared if i can't score!

Just last night, i stayed up till 2 a.m. Luckily, I had the strength to move on, with such kind of attitude. But I believe that my efforts to get the best for myself will be paid someday. Furthermore, I believe that Jesus Lord always be with and He won't go away from me. Definitely!

And tonight, gonna stay up until...don't know..

So that, no Facebook for a moment..I just spent 10minutes to do this crappy post to make sure that I can study.

*Lots of grammatical error! There's no time to edit this damn post! Hehe..later la edit..

Friday, March 18, 2011


Got too many PROBLEM recently!


And I don't want this!

All I want is a happiness!

Free without problem!

Free without stress!

Free without exam!

I hope that all of this won't affect my Exam result!
That's all for tonight maybe..Need to calm down myself.
Good night!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Banmal Song!

This song was composed by YongHwa CN Blue and Seohyun SNSD. And I like this song very much!

go ma wo ra neun geu mal do

an nyeong i ran mal do

nae gen neo mu eo ryeo wo yo

jeong mal gam sa hae yo

manhi ko ma wo yo

na neun I mal bakk e mot hae yo

mo deun ge cheo eum I ra seo

na sa shil eun neo mu na seo ton geol yo

eo ttoh ke mal hal kka

mweo ra go mal hal kka

na neun o neul do mang seol I jyo

eo ri seo ro ban mal ha neun sa I ga doe gi reul

a jik jo geum seo tu reu go o saek han de do

gomawoyo ra neun mal tu dae sin

jom deo chik ha ge mal eum hae jul rae

o ri seo ro ban mal ha neun sa I ga doel geo ya

han geol eum ssik…cheon cheon hi da ga wa

nae du nun eum ba ra bo myeo

mal eum hae jol rae

neol sa rang hae